colleseum like structure

(theresnothi) #1

soon to be in a fight scene animation i’m planning

(SKPjason) #2

Very interesting. I like the simplicity and balanced look of your scene. It seems the perfect enviroment for a fight. Just as a style suggestion, I think it might look a little better if the ground texture was more along the lines of stone slabs… but that’s just me…

Overall… I think this will look very impressive for the scene you wish to use it for. Please keep us posted on how it’s coming.



(S68) #3

Cool arena,

but decrease the spec of that stone and use some bumpmap!

Keep it up


(harkyman) #4

That’ll be a good place for a battle.

You may want to try using a procedural texture on the grass area so you don’t get the obviously repeating texture mapped look. Also, a bit of mist could soften your horizon transition.