Collision between two rigid bodies

i created a long necklace for my character, when thay’re still, it’s fine. but when the character moves, the necklace will penetrate the character modle.
i just simply set necklace as active and character passive. is there anything i can do to solve this problem? thankyou!!!

On the rigid body settings of the character, did you check the “animated” checkbox?

If you already did, then you may just need to go in the rigid body world settings and increase the substeps for a more accurate simulation.

Finally, make sure you are set to play every frame, because that’s important for seeing simulations correctly.

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is the type of your character set to mesh

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A supplement:the necklace only collide the first frame pose, No matter how the model moves.


and here is the set of character.

have you tried to use the “deforming” option?

Also, if the character is animated by hand, it can be set to “passive”, but in this situation, I don’t think it makes any difference.

hello,thank you~ :bouquet:
i have tried “deforming”, and the necklace indeed nolonger twine the first pose, but they also pierce through the character as if the modle didn’t exist… the animation was downloaded from mixamo and i used the mixamo plug-in to rig, i dont know if the problem come from here