Collision bounds by hand

There’s a article in the blender documentation about doing collision bounds by hand by making an invisible ghost object the parent of the actual object and that it’s as accurate as the triangle bounds, but less demanding. I have no idea how to do this because the article isn’t that descriptive on how to do it. Anyone please. Help!
The article is here.

I don’t know about doing to collision bounds by hand but for the ghost object, you can just use a cube and extrude the faces until it is vaguely character shaped, then parent your character mesh to that and use that for collisions. It all depends on how precise you need the collisions to be. I just use a cube for collisions as I don’t need them to be very precise.

Like redbaron said, create a mesh that will be your player object, and parent the visible player mesh to that. Then, set the player mesh to “No Collision” in the physics panel. For the player object, set the collision type to Convex Hull or Triangle Mesh (I believe Convex Hull is faster), and that’s basically it. In that wiki article there’s a demo file. In the file, the bottom-right object is an example of a custom collision mesh.

I’ve got an armature and the player mesh is parented to the armature as the armature being the parent, is that what you’re saying to do? I’m just trying to stop my character from going inside of other meshes. i.e. making the bounds more solid

Set the player mesh to be No Collision.

Set the armature to be No Collision.

Parent the armature to a collision mesh.

Set the collision mesh to be Convex Hull or Triangle Mesh collision type.

o ok thx, and by the way solarlune, I read your blog religiously and love every little bit, if you could help me with this game that would be epic. message me if your interested.