Collision bounds


When objects are solid, so a static, is a collision bound necessary, because they are still solid objects. Is it best to have collision bounds for all objects, including a character object, character option or not, so dynamic.

I’m a bit rusty on this, I tried some of this, so I don’t see the difference in object physics. Crash, and then jump into another area for example. That can happen with a basic mesh level, using cubes for Ai as always is.


I would use them on anything that will collide or be collided with. so yes on characters, terrain, walls, floors, projectiles, etc. no on ghosts, sensor type things, far away scenery that will never be touched by anything else.

A note on solid objects. My understanding is there are no solid objects in blender. They all have a thin skin which can be easily penetrated by fast moving objects. Collision bounds moderate this problem.

As far as the objects flying around the game, I would propose that this is possibly normal in game development and to enjoy the insanity while you tweak the settings. :crazy_face:

collision bounds are faster and more stable almost always, but for complex meshes, its better to leave it as no bounds (same as triangle mesh)

most bound types are in fact volumetric (in my experience) and prevent things from getting stuck inside, which contributes to the stability i mentioned. triangle mesh isnt, and has just the per face hits.

Collision Bounds disabled on rigid-body/dynamic physics use triangle-mesh physics by default… Best to state box, cylinder, capsule, sphere, or some other cheaper primitive shape. Not disable it*

the context of the question stated static, so my reply assumed such.

but you are correct, about physics object.

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I tried one mesh, as it is like a go around type of object, some of the collision bounds just make another object float above, so I don’t see the importance of it, but sure characters can crash into a level map and go elsewhere, or get stuck nearby not in view of the camera. So how can that be solved, collision bounds seems like the obvious solution, but not if characters aren’t on the mesh as a static or dynamic.

theres always a trade off. you can triangle the whole map for a simple catch all at reasonable cost. on the other hand you can block out the whole level with cubes, which costly due to all the objects, but the physics stability is much higher.

old versions of bge vanilla are plagued with a triangle collision bug where a face a a certain angle will glitch objects past it. i think its 45 z and 60 x or y. from as i can tell upbge doesnt have any issues.

They are all useless in my level object. Collision bounds may work better for certain levels.

no, you would never use a bounds other than triangle for big map objects.

static - no bounds for anything that will be static. (walls, rocks, terrain, trees)

Static has the best collision detection, and will never fail, triangle or convex hull will fail.

Or maybe they fixed it now, anyway i would not trust it. static has proven itself and is lighter as well.