Collision controlling armature?

I’m trying to make a sphere guide an armature like in this render in the game engine. I’ve tried using almost every type of constraint on the armature tip bone, but nothing seems to affect the armature in the game engine. Any ideas?

You can download the .blend here.

I’m sorry I try to animated your bones but It didn’t work

I don’t know why but maybe you have done something when you rig it.

The bones are skinned with the cylinder and the Tip-sphere controls the tip bone through a IK solver constraint. Unfortunately, nothing happens to the bones when I move the Tip-sphere in BGE, it does however work in the viewport.

Yeah, I don’t think those constraints exist in the game engine. It’s a smart idea, though.

The problem using rigid body connection are that they are so unstable. More than half the time, there’re all over the place. I might have to learn python to solve this one…