Collision detection disabled by parenting?

Ok, so I create three tiles one in front of the other. Works fine, I can drive over them without falling through the tiles.

Now if I parent them to a single empty, collision detection ceases to work. Why?


I’m using the empty as a master object to control the placement of the tiles from for a dynamically generated surface.

This was supposed to go in support but I put it in Resources some how. Second time I’ve done that this week.Sorry for the double post.

I’ll assume you’re using the parent actuator? Parenting outside the GE normally works fine; select your object, shift-select your wanted parent, press Ctrl+p

Keeeerap. So I can not alter parenting relationships mid game without them becoming non-collision objects?

That would make parenting useless for my purpose.:ba:

Guess I need to try and figure out another angle of approach.

You could code your own parenting script via Python. By the sounds of things, your simply want other objects to interact with the child objects, and not the child objects to interact with others?

nvm it’s not working sry

For the sake of dialogue I’ll describe the goal in more detail.

My script will create a dynamically generated surface beneath the Game avatar as it moves. This will be accomplished by placing tiles in a grid arrangement beneath and around it out to X radius from the Avatar’s coordinates.

I was attempting to use the parent child relationship to keep track of the generated tiles so that I could selectively remove them. But if the parenting disables the collision detection then it defeats its intended purpose as the Avatar will simply fall through the surface.

I realize this is an old thread but all you have to do is make sure the parenting object has bounds>compound enabled (blender 2.49). Thats in the logic buttons by the way. Also the parent object can’t have ghost turned on otherwise the parent and the children are all ghost. This ghosting is actually my problem right now and why I came across this thread, haha.