Collision Detection problems in the GE

Although our main character is farther away than the programmed distance, when he comes in contact with the monkeys (the enemies of the game), the game still restarts. There seems to be a radius around him and when they come into that area it restarts instead of actually coming in contact with him. Anyone have a solution for fixing the collision detection of the character to the monkey(s)? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Did you try switching the player bounds to convex hull?

Yes, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect. We originally had a cube be the main character, and everything worked fine, but when we replaced the cube with a person (with an armature), it stopped working. It’s very random now; sometimes the person will pass through the monkeys, and sometimes the game will end when he is far away from all of the monkeys.

Use point of collision from are objects with added subjects with properties. Or script of distance on sensors.