Collision detection with actuator moving armature


I’m new to the game engine so forgive me if it’s trivial issue.

I’ve an armature and an parent mesh. One bone has a constraint to copy the rotation of an empty.


  • The empty rotates when pressing A
  • The armature runs always

When playing, the collision doesn’t seem to work when deforming the mesh with the moving armature. The collision bounds (triangle mesh) actually remains the one before deformation.

The scene:

Playing, with armature bend: the collision bounds is the one before bending the armature

The .blend file:
animmove.blend (483 KB)

What’s wrong with my scene?


You need bone constraints. The armature bones need to be constrained to objects, say for example: cubes. These cubes can have actual physics, and react to the environment, and the armature bones can be individually constrained to those cubes. Keep in mind, that you need to use the “run armature” actuator on your armature for it to work.

Armatures ignore physics, and thus the mesh, which is child to the armature, also ignores physics. This is why you need the armature to be constrained to smaller objects that do have physical reactions.