Collision detection

How feasible would it be to create a script (or perhaps modify the source) to allow for collision detection between meshes of arbitrary shapes? I read some old topics about Topix cloth (having very limited collision detection) and the game engine having physics. Would it be possible to implement something that, once turned on, would basically just prevent meshes/parts of a mesh from passing through each other?

Also, are there any people who are already working on this, and how far along have they gotten?

The reason I’m asking these is because I was considering doing this as this year’s school research project, and I’m trying to gather resources to see exactly how much functionality I should be aiming for in my proposal.

check out harkymans ‘drop to ground’ script. also there is some soft bodies stuff in the latest CVS,…maybe only for linux though. go register at forum, and you can always get the latest in the ‘testing builds’ forum. there is also collision detection for particles now.

mac blender was making something but he seems to have disapeared.

he he he, i put houdini to shame…

anyway yeah i was working alot with collision detection and was gettign somewhere with a simple algorithm for polygon level detection but lately i’ve been readign alot on vectorial based usign complex math… incidentally its also why i’ve been away… i got too caught up in books… but now i’m back!


2.34 will have collisions for particles,

once you have it for particles…


hoy, macblender! could you possibly dive into the “flock” module which works for blender 232 (python 223) while you are on the symulations side?

sure why not, tell me where to find it and i’ll work on it