Collision does not work or does not work properly

Hello, I am new to Blender, I was following a tutorial on youtube to create a cushion for the sofa that I created earlier.
The cushion is supposed to sit on the sofa. For this reason I switched on collision on the part of the sofa.
But the cushion is flying in the air even when I changed the distance for object collisions to 1mm.

I deleted the cushion and created it again but closer to the surface of the sofa. In this case when the cushion is created, it touches the sofa and flies again in the air… Instead of lying normally on the sofa like any normal cushion would do.

Could anyone help me on this, please?

P.s. I checked 50 times, and I was doing everything like in the video tutorial…

Apply the scale of the cushion and the couch.

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I applied scale to the cushion by pressing Ctrl+A, but on the couch it did not work. I got an error: “cannot apply to a multi user” (I selected only one object on the couch).

In the object data panel, clicks on the numbers beside the mesh name to make it single user, then ctrl+a

I did it. I made single user, applied scale, and a cushion is still in the air :frowning:

Then please share your file so we can have a look at it.
One last thought without seeing the file: Is it maybe an old cache?

Here is a link:

In Field Weights you need to give it Gravity

Thank you! It works now. But it is strange because in the tutorial they said to put gravity to 0.

maybe just at the beginning to test the pressure effect?

I was watching 2 tutorials at the same time and in the first one he made a mistake probably by putting to 0, and in the 2d one he did not speak about it. Anyway. Thank you.