Collision fails to run Object IPO

I am actually trying to do basically the same thing as the question marko asked down a bit further but I think it justifies another question.

I am using walkthrough template on that contains mouselook and this is my first try at:
On collision of the actor with an object, another object is supposed to follow an IPO in from one side.
(Collision Property> AND > IPO)
The problem I am having is that the ipo that runs is the mouselook ipo instead of the object ipo. I have connected up a cube object the same as in Oto and I can move it using a mousekey, but as soon as i change to collision, it ceases to work.

1/ If i move the slider in the ipo window, the mouselook and object are moving together; is this correct?

2/ Is the correct thing to space different actions sequentially along the timeline and then set different frame Sta and Sto for different actions, or are there supposed to different timelines for each one that starts at zero?

3/Am I supposed to use the action window to add an action, even if I am just using a straight cube object? Adding an action seems to do nothing in this case.

Once I get this working I will bake armatures into the IPO.

well do you have any objects in your scene to collide with that have the property specified in “Property”? for some reason it has been my experience that the Property version will play before the material version so if you have two things happenning and one being end object actuator then the object will disseappear before the collision object has time to detect the object! Sounds to me like you just aren’t getting a collision detection!

.blends are always so much easier to debug in this forum!

i cant relly understand the message but i do understand the title.

so i may be wrong (almost positve i am) but it sounds like you need a twsiod on the faces.

p.s: try posting a .blend and i’ll try to be a little bit more help full after i download it.

if u dont know how, try and just upload it after joining.

Hope this works:

This is a test blend for what I am trying to do.
I want it so a collision with the cube causes the sphere to move from right to left.

Down arrow to step back into the cube.

This causes the viewer IPO to run instead of the shpere IPO.

Just in case anyone happens to be reading this thread, this is a theory that I have arrived at as an answer to the problem I was having
and I thought I would share it so that if some other person happens to search for this for as long as I did through nearly every post on this site to find an answer, and came up with absolutely nothing, well maybe they might find this one and come up with a reason for the insanity of having only one IPO timeline.


It is impossible to run an IPO on an object other than the main actor in the game engine if the game contains a mouselook IPO.
This is because as soon as you start to run an animation on an object,
starting at say “frame 26”, the mouse ipo then swings the view to its position at “frame 26”.

The only way separate object could be animated is if you could run two separate IPOs at different frames simultaneously.

eg: Mouse IPO at frame 26, Object IPO at frame 32 at the same time.

Python anyone? or Multiple IPO timelines?

Now tell me… am I talking drivel? Yes or No.