collision help

hey well i got it so when my sword hits a object it disapears (that works fine) but it will only work if i hit it with certain place with the sword

Thanks Fudge

give that place a particular material, different from the other places, and …

well, what is your current setup?

what i got is a collision sensor with a property of sword connected to an end object actor and thats it really

hey sorry for brining up a old theard but this was never answerd i fixed it before but cant remember for the life of me how i fixed it.

Thanks Fudge

cmon please help me :frowning:

but, I don’t know what the problem is

I don’t know how you have it setup, or how you want it to work exactly.

from what I remember, only the physical bounds of the object [as in, not collision faces but the sphere bound of the object. I haven’t played with polyheader bounds for this] can detect a collision with another object [bounds or collision faces].

so, the sword will in essence need to detect the collision, either with a particular material or whatever

furthermore, armature deformation doesn’t deform bounds or collision faces, if you need such flexibility you need seperate objects.

hey zero d i sent u a pm can u take a look please


I saw it, but will probably not look at it in detail until tomorrow [when I can waste more time without worrying about class assignments]