Collision issues in BGE


I’ve got some issues with collision in BGE. There are some objects in my scene which are all static. With keyboard sensors i move objects around to a limit, defined by an object I want to detect a collision with. But this in more stages, so that I want to move one stage with another stage around. But collisions are only detectable with an rigid body object. But these fall down. So I limited the location and rotation of my collision rigid body. But this doesn’t work, if the collision objects should be moved around on one of my stages. If something ist unclear, please ask. Sorry for my language, I’m not a native speaker. I hope anybody has an idea :slight_smile:

Greetings wicki

Perhaps it would fix it all to know how to tie a rigid body object to a moving static object, that they move together.

If you want to detect collisions with a static object, try the Sensor physics type.

Thanks, this worked! I assigned this physics type to the wrong object. Or the BGE sensor to the wrong object. Can be closed :slight_smile: