Collision Jittery; UPBGE

I have problems with collision in my game. When the player character runs into a wall or a steep slope, the character jitters violently. I have not seen any way to possibly fix this. Is this just normal collision for BGE/UPBGE? I’ll link the .blend file to see if anyone can help. (The game uses joystick controls).

My old PS2 controller doesn’t want to work on this so I can’t test it.

Anyhoo, probably not your ideal solution, but in case you wonder: way I deal with wonky physics is have my own code clip the movement vector. This is quite problematic and requires subclassing gametypes, plus I haven’t really gotten around to optimizing much. Then why do it? Because I like statics, triangle meshes and predictable behaviour.

Simplest example I can think of;

from bge.types import KX_GameObject

class Obj(KX_GameObject):

    def __init__(self, old_owner, pos, **kwargs):
	for key, value in kwargs.items():
	    self.__dict__[key] = value

    def applyMovement(self, vec, local=False, prop=""):
        self.clipMove(vec, prop)
        KX_GameObject.applyMovement(self, vec, local)

    def clipMove(self, vec, prop=""):	
	vol = self.cullingBox.max
	xdirn = -1 if vec[0] < 0 else 1 if vec[0] > 0 else 0
	ydirn = -1 if vec[1] < 0 else 1 if vec[1] > 0 else 0
	zdirn = -0.25 if vec[2] <= 0 else 1
	f = 1.5

        #do this for every axis.
	if vec[0]:
            for y_offset in [ vol[1], -vol[1], 0 ]:
		lpos = self.worldPosition + (self.worldOrientation.col[0]*(vol[0]*f*xdirn))
		lpos = lpos + (self.worldOrientation.col[1]*(vol[1]*f*y_offset))
		xclip_ray = self.rayCast( objto=[ lpos[0], lpos[1],
		 self.worldPosition.z+vol[2]/2 ], objfrom=[ self.worldPosition.x,
		 self.worldPosition.y,self.worldPosition.z+vol[2]/1.25 ], prop=prop)

		if xclip_ray[0]:
  		    vec[0] = 0

NINJA EDIT: forgot them imports.

Definitely gonna try this next time it happens. I actually found out what was going on. The platforms I were using were wider at the top than the bottom. I used a Triangle mesh for the collision bounds, so the gap was still present. The character’s collision bounds were a bit taller than the gap left in the platform, so it was freaking out trying to squeeze through. Using a box collision shape now and the collision is much more stable.

Thanks for the help with code, though!