collision logic bricks not working

I am trying to make a game (with logic bricks at the moment) in which blocks will fall down the screen, and if they reach the bottom be sent back to the top. I am trying to accomplish this by placing a sensor block at the bottom of the screen that will be detected by the falling block via a collision sensor. I set this up by following a tutorial of a similar nature that would cause meshes to be erased when touched. I followed the tutorial first, and was able to replicate their results. But when i applied it to my block game, it wouldn’t work! I set up the block as a static physics type with actor and collision bounds enabled, and my sensor block as a sensor physics type with collision bounds enabled. I experimented with various pulse modes and meshes, but to no results. From what I’ve gathered, this isn’t a logic error, it simply isn’t detecting the collision. Sorry if this is a RTFM question, but I’ve been stuck on this for several days know and can’t find an answer!

Be aware that the sensor object can detect the static object not vice versa.

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Monster is right, but sensor can also detect dynamic and rigid body, among other things. So you must put the collision sensor in the sensor object.