Collision mask and group exposure patch

Hey everyone. I needed to access the group and mask data for KX_GameObject collision data, so I exposed it to the API:

Feel free to test it and tell me what you think.

It accepts a bitmask as the new collision mask / group. I’ve written a wrapper for that purpose which I can include in the resources forum, although it’s simple binary so not too hard.


  • KX_GameObject.collisionMask - the collision mask of the object
  • KX_GameObject.collisionGroup - the collision group of the object

For those who don’t know what this might be used for; I’m using it to disable enemy collisions upon death. You cannot use replaceMesh with physics types other than triangleMesh on the source object, and thus I am using this patch to enable me to set the enemy to no collision (by setting either the mask or group to 0)

Also, if anyone gets a build working, could they check if it behaves correctly? SVN Trunk is misbehaving for me, even before I patch.

Anyone able to test the patch? I am having issues with Trunk.

when you see in the binary(??? really?) code , you can check also to solve the preistoric(very old) bug of the dynamic obj that becoming static (for ever) when here parented to another obj ?
(or maybe if there a way to change physic for all obj during runtime that should be also more cool :D)
(sorry if i m a bit Off Topic)