Collision Mask/Groups

Hey guys, I’ve want to know more about the collision mask/group features for the Blender Game Engine found under the Physics Tab.

I want to be able to switch between three collision groups on a keypress.
So for example:

If I press ‘k’ the player object will collide with object 1 but not 2 and 3.
Now if I press ‘j’ the player object will collide with object 2 but not 1 and 3

You get the idea.

So is this even possible to do blender? If it is I don’t mind using messing around with Python to get it to work.

Thank you reading. :slight_smile:

Python functions that allow you to change the collision layer information have not been implemented yet, the closest you can get now is replacing the object.

I believe Moguri has said that he plans on eventually adding these functions, but he has quite a few other things he would like to do in terms of BGE development and then there’s real-life matters as well.

ah, well. How can I replace the object then?



I’ve got a working patch for this, I just need to make a few changes. Have a look in the forums or patch tracker