Collision mesh control.

I’ve searched quite a bit, but haven’t found a really good method for this.

What would be the best way to essentially have total control over a collision mesh? It only needs dynamic physics, but I would like an easy, simple, or at least elegant way to animate it with an armature and keep it from rotating. Basically, manipulate it as one would a normal mesh.

Also, what are the differences between convex hull and triangle mesh collisions? I know that convex hull is like a shrink wrap while triangle mesh keeps the object’s shape, but triangle mesh seems to be more accurate in general, even for rectangular boxes.



Help, please?


I think convex hull collisions are more stable when in motion, but they are limited to convex shapes. Triangle mesh collisions are optimised for stationary objects.

I’m not sure about your other question. Perhaps if you explained it or rephrased it, someone might be able to help more.

Sorry, I had to write quickly.

If you look at the file and start the game engine (wasd movement, spacebar jump, mouselook), you’ll notice that w-key moves Mov_player along its local Y-axis. Mov_player’s orientation is controlled by the mouselook script. While this is the correct movement I want, I need Mov_player to not rotate. Basically, I want its orientation to change without seeming to affect either the display or the physics mesh. That way, I hope to eliminate involuntary movement when a corner of Mov_player pushes itself off the stairs.

I hope you can understand that. Thank you!


fps4.blend (214 KB)