Collision Mesh Problem

I have been working on an airplane that shoots “bullets”, and fly, but so far, there are a few problems.:mad: I have tried to make a collision box for my jet, but everytime I play it, it jumps, and when I try to shoot, it just flies all over the place. This just makes me furious with the plane I am trying to make.:mad::mad::mad::mad: I need to know how to make a proper collision box, which will actually work. Use W,S,A,D, to move, and the Spacebar to shoot.


AIRRACER.blend (195 KB)

I can’t look right now, but I suggest for the bullets make them ghost, that way it won’t do that, then when it hits an object make it read that as damage and end the bullet. Thats all I can suggest until I get my Blender computer and can see the plane.

Make an empty that spawns the bullets. Move it away from the plane. Parent it to the plane. Viola. The problem you are having is that the bullets are being made inside or too close to the plane’s collision box.

I just checked the other ship problem you had, what you do is hit the bounds button on both the ship and the box outter thing, and hit add to parent and compound in both objects. But bullets would be best ghosts, easier for the CPU