Collision no work

I havetwo objects, a plane and a sphere. They are both ghost actors. The sphere has a collision sensor looking for the property Playing, which the plane has. Upon collision, the spheres property Count should be increased by one. It doesn’t. Collision no work.

static objects can’t detect other static objects… if your sphere was a rigid body ghost it would be detected…

the bar is not static, it moves through the sphere sorry. do they both need to be moving?

for it to work… either they must both be rigid body ghosts… or one is a static ghost and the other is the rigid body ghost.

Try swapping the detection… eg. try getting the sphere to detect the bar… if that doesn’t work do it the other way round.

You can move static objects as well.

You haven’t specified if they are rigid bodies or just dynamic or just static objects. What options do you have turned on under the physics options?

sorry :smiley: i said they where actor ghost. that’s it. so static. by static, i thought you just meant non-moving. my bad.
Dammit, constraint keeps switching to none! o well, it works, thanks :smiley:

yeah the terms can get confusing…