Collision of soft bodies


*** H A P P Y N E W Y E A R ***

I searched the forum for the subject of this post but
not find anything…

Maybe someone can help ?

I want to collide physical “correct” (means “simulation of…”)
two soft bodies or a soft body and a “normal” object.

For example: Throw a brick onto a pillow…

Is this possible with the new Blender 2.40 ?

And if yes, how can I do that ?

Thank you very much in advance ! :slight_smile:

Keep blendering !

Short answer, yes. I tried a cloth coliding with a blob. Added some winds, and it worked. Looked nice. I have just started getting into softbody for my movie promo so I’m not sure I can help with the settings. Try this site it helped me:

I found this nice site yesturday :

check for the video on “soft body”, it everything we need to know, and very well explained :slight_smile:

have fun :slight_smile: