Collision of two abstrcat objects

Dear BlenderArtists,
how can I get fast information about the following topic:

collision of two abstract objects, they designed and animated with Blender

Online Links (Tutorials, Forums Topics, Goggle Expressions) are welcome :slight_smile:

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that post is a little bit vague…
do u mean in the physics engine?

This probably isn’t what you’re looking for, but it’s cool anyway.
None of this functionality is built into blender as far as I know.

Dear CoreyAvatar,
thank you for the paper link :). In this design example is much work in, too.
But an interesting interpretation of :cool:.

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Dear _LsBlend,

I mean, two objects moved on a path and hit together.
I will use the mechanics axiom F([N]=m[kg]*a[m/s²] to desribe it and Blender to design and animate it

Do you mean a collision in the sense of two obejcts hitting together, thus breaking into smitheneers? I so, there’s a demolition script in the works, which might be what you seek. It’s not released yet though.

Dear Hippie,
thanks a lot, thats it. Ingeniously in combination with the suggestion of CoreyAvitar’s paper link.

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hi, i’m the author of the demolition script and i must say that it’s not suitable for such elementary physics. it’s only for visual purposes, the results doesn’t have a scientific value. you should consider to use the internal script language python to express the motion mathematically accurate.

Dear Kai,
thank you to share the demolition script with us. I will, like you consider, use Python in the purposes of a test definition language. Blender to simulate and maybe demolition script to visualize my idear of collision. Do you know Tutorials, Samples to use Python in this way?

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