collision only works with dynamic objects?? 2.42a

Im using blender 2.42a, and so far I can only make the collision sensor respond when one of the colliding objects is a dynamic object. This won’t do.

Is there a way around this?

It’s weird, because this seems to get fixed and then go bad again or something. The objects don’t have to be dynamic, but they do have to be actors as far as I can tell.

I got the same problem
try to use rays they work with all at least for me

Ray sensors work. You can use those.

I heard MalCanDo was starting to fix some bugs in one thread, you can contact him.

That bug seems to bug me to! :mad:

Ray sensors Do not detect collision.

Pardon, if a ray from a ray sensor hits something then it registers as it has hit something. As for actual collision it doesn’t do that but for static/static collision right now it’s one of the only options.