Collision problem

Hi Everybody,
I’ve been playing around with “bullets” from this tutorial ( ) and trying to make it so that when the bullet hits a box i put in its path the box does something (in this case move in a direction (not sure which)) However when i start the game the bullets pass right through the box with no affect, anybody have an idea as to what is wrong?

What version of Blender are you using? I believe there is a glitch in some versions where the collisions are not calculated correctly when used with the add object actuator.

Version 2.37a

objects that move too quickly can pass entirely through other objects in a single time step, and then the collision will not be noticed

the solution is to not make objects move that fast. For bullets you’d be better off using a ray sensor [and python]

For me (2.37a), I need to add a Collision sensor to the added object (it doesn’t need to be linked). Then things work properly.

well z3r0 d, my bullet is not going fast at all as im just playing around and not intending to put this into a game so i think toonami’s suggestion is more suited but thanks for the suggestions :smiley: