Collision problem

I made this mechanic…thing that goes up and down and now i want it to be like a trap : if the player is under it when it goes down the scene is restarted. I tougt that a touch or collision sensor could do the job . I tryed with both of them but something went wrong.if my player passes under the mechanic thing even when it is up in the air and my player isnt touching any part of the mechanic mesh somehow the scene is restarted as it touched it

Check the bounds of your trap.

Did you use am armature?

DanielKuan : i tryed with all of the bounds but i got strange results. Some of them work as i explained before and some of them work in a way that i dont colide with the big moving part but with its …robotic arm that is moving

Self-Adhesive : yes, i used an armature. Does it have something to do with this problem?

Is your trap animated using IPO’s???

That way it could act not like common Actor object…

I might be wrong .)))

When you use armatures, the mesh moves, but the object center stays in the same place. Some collision problems may arise from that. I can’t think of a workaround, and i’m pretty sure nobody else has yet.

Make sure nothing else will cause the scene to restart, like another trap you forgot about.

i made the simple trap and made an armature with 3 bones and i used LocRot in the 3d window and in that way i made an “action” for it. Than as an actuator i set “action” and entered the name of my action.than i just set the start and end frame of the animation and set it to repeat in a loop