Collision problem.


I have a problem with my character bouncing off of things instead of just stopping when it collides with an object. I’ve been messing with some settings but can’t seem to fix it.

I attached an example blend.


Bounce.blend (444 KB)

What about a sensor that negates velocity when it is X from target?

That would work but could you explain how to do it? (I’m pretty new to the game engine)


Just use something else then loc for movements. Loc don’t work with physics and collision.

I wish that was spelled out directly in the ui…

Thank you, I used linear velocity which fixed the collision problem. But now the character continues to slide for a while after I let off the key. I tried enabling friction for the plane but that did not seem to help…

If You use servo control You can have a ‘still’ actuator (0 speed) when not pressing any key keeping the character still. When using servo controls You may want to limit force on z axis to 0 to not stop Your character from falling.

Thank you so much for the help! That fixed the problem. :slight_smile:

bbkzr31, Can you please upload the solved Blend? Thanks! :slight_smile:


It will still slide if you move forwards and right/left then release the forwards key while still holding down the right/left key. I’m not sure how to fix this but I use for my character so I only need forwards working.


BounceSolved.blend (444 KB)

thanks for the file that helped me loads with my game:)