Collision problem


Link to the blender file below. Basically when the left mouse button is clicked the green wheel starts to rotate (I would like this to be a constant rotaion but for some reason I cant make it do that) as it rotates it moves the parented blue cylinder which in turn moves the slotted wheel, a classic Geneva wheel mechanism.

But when I run it & click the left mouse button the blue cylinder penetrates the slotted wheel just before it exits the slot. The geometry is such that in reality this would never happen.

What am I missing here?

Thanks for your time.

The two wheels are to close together on the z-axis, causing there to be collisions between them. Put some space between them on the z-axis and set the red wheel’s collision bounds to triangle mesh.

Thanks Mobious that’s done the trick.

Is there any way to stop the oscilaition caused by the contact algorithm?