Collision Problem

Alright, I have this lil problem. My character,

Has a slight problem, he will collide with nothing. He would collide when he didn’t have animations, but I need animations. Anyone willing to help?

more details needed, whats your physics, object hierarchy, logic setup? a full screenshot is needed, blend file recommended.

my guess is your hierarchy is wrong.

recommended structure:
>basic collision mesh with physics(hidden)
->armature with animations
–>visible mesh with weights, no physics

Umm is this what as needed… I’m not entirely sure I’m giving you the right thing…

the screenshot is still too small. but it seems like you need to add a box, and use that as the main parent with physics.

I’m sorry, could you explain this? I’m not sure what I’m suppose to do.

you need to make a box around your armature (hitbox), and parent everything to the box.

also when you want to move your character, you have to move the box, not the armature

Wait does this mean the Armature too, or no?

Alright now I’ve another problem. When the character runs into a wall head-on, he’ll go right through. Is there a fix for this?

Yes, increase the physics object (the object you parented the armature to) that it covers the head as well.