collision problems (player falls through floor) on start.

I’ve been looking at the game engine quite intensively for the last week…

I’m trying to use the game engine to prototype an environment for ps3 and have set up a third person camera that matches the ps3 game controls…

I’d done some tests with physics whilst prototyping the camera and everything worked, id did some more tweaks but now it seems broken beyond belief.

Interestingly if i switch the physics to the old engine it works, but not in bullet.

Are there any rules of thumb for size of polygons or overall scale of the scene that I should be aware of?

here’s a blend file

The problem is caused by overlapping collision meshes of torso and head. Either move the head slightly upwards or set it ghost (disables collision).

Thanks, “ghost” worked a treat!

Also turn colision off in face settings. That will save A LOT of framerates (LOT of framerates? that doesn’t sound like proper grammer!)