Collision Problems, PLs HELP


I`m working wiht the 2.37 version trying to make some easy game. The only that I want is display the number off times that one bullet collision a object.

I try all that I know. I put some collision sensor in the object and try to indentify one property that only have the bullet. The bullet are in a hidden layer.

The bullet have a property call “dale”. the object have a sensor collision and the actuactor “Property” that only add 1 to a Int property call “punto”.
And in a plane I`ve a property that copy the property “punto” of the object to the display. But i allways see the same in the display “0”.

I don`t know what to do, Any Ideas? pls contact me in MSN [email protected].

I need to make a genetic Game!! Thank`s

It’s kind of hard to diagnose what you’ve written, but I’ve come up with a few solutions:

  1. There’s a glitch in 2.37a where you need to attach a Collision sensor (doesn’t need to be linked to anything) to both the object you want to be hit and the object that’s doing the hitting.

  2. To display a property using a Text plane, the property that has the text in it needs to be called “Text”.

So what I`ve to do, Is put a collision sensor into the bullet? that increase the value off the “puntos” property?

I Do it, and work but now I`ve another problem when I hit the object this object have a big area that can bit hitted so, I shut to one side off the object, and you can see that is imposible that the bullet impact the object, but the object detect the collision. How can I reduce this area ?