Collision Problems.

I’m having some problems with my main character. It’s mesh is parented to the armature. The mesh does have a material. Animations were done in the action editor.

This works fine for my game if I leave the armature static. It moves forward fine, and the animations play great. However, I don’t want my character walking through walls.

Since the armature is the mesh’s parent I assumed I had to make the armature itself dynamic so it could collide. This is where the problem occurs. When I hit P to play my game he goes flying up into outer space without any keyboard or mouse input.

If you could help me out or point me in the right direction Mr. T could take a break from pitying me.


Sounds like the armature is colliding with the mesh. One way to fix this is to select the mesh and put it on no collision, or make it a ghost.
If that doesn’t work, I have no other ideas

Thank you sdfgsdfg, that did the trick. I’m not sure why I didn’t think of that before. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I had to do the same thing as sdfgsdfg pointed out…Although it took me a week or two to figure it out, lol

Haha the funny thing about it seems to be that there are 100 ways to do something, but only one of them works in the game engine. For instance I had to parent a diamond to my armature after doing this fix so that he wouldn’t sink to his knees.

I’m getting pretty close to having my very simple shooter finished, after I have all the basics down I’m hoping I can just continue to make it better. For instance I didn’t do any textures yet, I just vertex painted with a toon shader so I could go ahead and work on physics and layouts. I kinda like it however, my game looks kinda like a comic book.

Oh Maldrin, try adjusting the armatures radius… so the circle is the same diameter as the character

If it’s still possible to make some changes, create a perfectly fit cube around your character & armature, and parent it to the armature (maybe need to make the armature also ghost). Use the cube for the motion and physics, just set it to Invisible for the game engine and wireframe for the 3d view. This will keep the armature limited to the animation only.

This is a cleaner approach, and keeps things more organized.

This is kinda like my dream project, the one that you get all your practice work in while you do it. I’m a hands on kinda guy, so I pick a rough way to start out, pick it apart into pieces and continue to improve. So far it looks like I’m gonna love this community, already you guys have been helpful. So of coarse it’s not too late. I’m approaching this like I do web-design, modular so I can always go back and edit things in small pieces.