collision question...HELP!

OK so I’m the new guy… have been using Blender for over a year full time now and starting to work with physics. I am not going in the gaming or animation direction, rather use Blender and Yafaray to create pictures which i have printed on canvas an repaint in oils.

With that out of the way. I recently discovered collisions and cloth within the physics panel and I have a question.

I “built” a camel like creature and successfully collided some cloth over it within about 120 simulation frames…I like frame 102 and wish to discard the rest and keep the mesh from that frame alone. Is this possible? If so how can this be achieved?

Any help anyone would be willing to give would be most appreciated!

The cloth object will have a cloth modifier. Go to the frame you want and in the modifier panel (F9) press Apply for this modifier. This will fix the cloth position for this frame.
This question should really have been asked in one of the support forums not the one for this website.

Sorry…I find the site rather confusing! And thank you much!