Collision question

Hello again fellow blender users!

I have some new questions for you, so here it goes:

  1. [FIXED]

OK so this is the one I need help with now.

Question number 2: When my character runs into a wall or a pillar, he will bounce away in the opposite direction. I was wondering if its possible to make him just stop when he runs into an obstacle, as would be expected from a game character.

Heres the blend:

I hope your able to help me :wink:

if you have your texture assigned in the materials make sure you check the UV for input

That didnt work, thanks for trying to help me though, I decided to UV map all the textures instead. So now I only need help with question number 2.

Blend Please?

Question 2 - Make sure you are using LinV for movement and give the walls a material, press the DYN button in the material options then make sure the restitution is set to zero.

I didnt use LinV earlier, I tried it now, and somehow the character is sometimes able to force himself through the pillars :s Also, he starts rotating when hes colliding, and I dont know how to stop that. I checked the DYN button for what you said. Im uploading a blend right now, its being “processed” by mediamax.

Ok heres the blend:

Does this have anything to do with angV? When I tried using it it didnt work.


For the direction, if you use the LinV, and if you give a material to your wall, set the friction (of the material for the wall) to 3.0 or 3.5.
But for the Rotation, i haven’t find a solution.

But I 'm very interested by this thread. So I hope that someone’ll find a solution for that. :wink: