Collision question

I am sure this has been asked before. But I am not certain what would be the right terminology for a search. So this is my question: How can I controll the behavior of colliding objects? Lets say like on a Pooltable. Colliding balls hit eachother hard… and if you manage to make a ball jumg it comes down quickly. On the oppsite hmm… a rubberball trown against a wall. Boucnes of an keeps jumping some long jumps on the ground. Got my point? :slight_smile: How is that done im Blender GE? Thanks a lot, Sascha

I think that you can do that with a Ray/Collision/Near sensor and a few Motion actuators.
I’m not sure.

assign materials to your objects.
Then enable the “DYN” button in the Material Panel
Play with the different settings, Restitution being the most useful probably.