Collision question

Yo, in my scene I have an item that must be deleted (actuator - edit object - end) in contact with the “Player”, so I added a property to the Player named “player_coll”, and created a collision sensor in the Item, as can be seen in the images below:

But, the collision does not work, the Item is not ended when the player touches it… I use the same system to detect the walls of the scene, and with them it works normally… Any idea about what I’m doing wrong? :confused:

what physics type do you use for the pick-up item?

Static, but I also tried Sensor, Dynamic…

Hm I’ve found something, it looks like sensor + sensor and static + static do not work.

I mean, if I put the Player as static, it does not recognize the walls (which are static too) but it recognizes the pckup_item (which is sensor)…
If I put the player as Sensor, it does not recognize the pickup_item, but recognizes the walls…
Is this normal?

  • But this does not make sense because the pickup_item End actuator still does not work with the collision sensor pointing to the player “player_coll” property, even the Item being Static and the Player Sensor…

Edit: Well, I know how to solve it now, it will be a long work, I will have to transform all obstacles into sensors, and let only the player as dynamic

make the pickups sensor or static.
make the player dynamic.

should solve the problem

sensors are a bit strange, sensor can detect, nothing more. so a sensor walking into a pickup will not be reconized, but an dynamic walking into a sensor triggers the sensor.

Solved, thanks @Cotaks