collision questions

I am make a simple explore game for learning experiences, but am running into problems.

  1. When I turn on physics (actor>dynamic [not rigid body]) my player seems to fly away into space. But if I put a single cube/sphere/cone/basic shape, they act normal. My player is a 12-cubed-human with an armature and a collision box. How can I make him not fly away?

  2. I have an editable game demo and the character has a collision box made out of a single cube. The collision box grows/molds around the player and its animation so that way when she goes to aim/crouch/etc the box shrinks/grows so nothing gets stuck into walls. How would I get this effect?

  3. How do I make my collision box invisible in game? Do I have to flip the normals or is there a different way?

Here’s my file (I have some stray unneeded data blocks that I’ll delete later)

None-collision questions:
I loaded a sound into blender, but what if I no longer want the sound and want it deleted? I see no delete or [x] button so how do I delete them? (Same with ipo’s and “actions”)

How do I import another .blend into another .blend? I made some models I would like to merge together but when I do “open” it’s a completely new file. I see no “import .blend” so do I have to convert it to something else then import it?

  1. Select your collision box, enter face mode (F), select all faces (A), go to editing buttons, press ‘Invisible’ in the ‘Texture face’ tab, press ‘Copy DrawMode’.

To import from another .blend: File/Append

thank you very much.

“wow, thats was simple”

i fixed 1. had to turn “compound” on for the collision box bounds :confused:

Or you could add Always sensor conected to the Visibility actuator and make it invisible.