Collision sensor:expressions?

Is it possible to do something like this in a collision sensor:
If not, how could i specify that i only want todetect collision with a property in certain state, with or without python

omg… what the heck is that!

connect both if property active is equal False and then the collision to the AND

That won`t work xintoc, here is an example of what i am talking about:

Example: I have a sphere with a property: active=False, and another with a property active=True, both will collide with my character, i need that it only detect the one with active=True property.

Both have the same active property because they are used as “bullets” of some sort, maybe i could add another property to them via python when they are unactive but i don`t know how.

that’s what I just said… connect a property sensor and the collision sensor with the same AND…

I edited the post please check it again xintoc :D, i used that method but it doesn`t work it seems to look for the active property in my character not in the sphere, my guess is that is because the sphere is an added object with the edit object actuator

Also here, combination of a collision sensor and python would allow you a more complex setup of triggering actions and such, and also give you more control on doing things.

You could make a python script running on a python controller where the collision sensor is attached to. Then do If false: do this…, Else: (means true) do this… :slight_smile:
But this can also be done with logic bricks, not sure what the setup would be, but it triggers already false when it doesn’t fit the settings, and when it hits something with that property it’s true. Well then connect it to a controller, and then to an actuator. When the collision sensor is true (when it hits to where it fits) it activates that actuator, else: it doesn’t do anything. :stuck_out_tongue: