collision sensor for static objects too

i’d like to know, how can i trigger the collision sensor even with the static object… because now it works just with dinamics and rigid body objects, but i need to delete an object when he touches a part of my ambientation, that is a static object…

thank you in advance :smiley:

Collision sensors don’t stop working with static objects. Static objects don’t sense collisions with other objects. Meaning that a static object when moving, will pass through other objects unaffected. It is up to the other object to decide what it does when that happens.

Hope it helps!

yes but i have a static object, a bullet (that always moves on an axis) with the logic “collision with property - and - end object”… and if the object with the bool property true is dinamic or rigid, the logic works… else it doesnt…

is this that i’d like to fix… thanks :smiley:

Add a “Bounds” for the object.
Even if the object doesn’t have a mesh (lamp, camera, empty, …) it will work as a Physical object. (go into “Show Physics Visualization” to see the “physical mesh in those cases”)

my objects (that are just a lot of cubes) already have the bounds -> box activated, but the collision still doesnt work… and what did you said about the "physic visualization??? where? thanks :smiley:

guys??? someone knows how to do that? :smiley: thanks

Did you try to find it yourself? It’s under the game menu…

…very probably i’m mistaken, but in the logic panel “F4” i aint seen everything… i’m using the 2.49b version… :slight_smile:

Move your mouse cursor up to the top of the blender screen. From where there is a field to enter your scene, you should see a menu called “Game”.

That is the game menu.
(game menu)

ah yes :smiley: i was desperatly looking for a game PANEL i didnt know… oops :smiley:

anyway, coming back to my problem, this can show me the physic visualization, but my bullets are still passing through the static scene objects… :frowning: :frowning:

Are they static or dynamic? The ray ccd might solve your problem.

My internet is being slow… :frowning: Try looking in the game engine resources part of this forum for a bullet script. I tried…but it just won’t load.

my object is static… and it doesnt collide… this is just stupid, no? it isnt gost, just static, so my only wish is to set it as detector for collisions too… :(…

Static objects don’t collide. Thats the rule. There is nothing wrong with it…in fact it saves a lot of a calculation time.

Here is the bullet script who’s page seems to be lost… 0.o

Here you go: bullet_ccd.blend (140 KB)

Attach the script to your bullets and they will no longer pass through stuff.

thanks, this has been very useful, i’ve understand how it works… anyway, i think the best solution is to make the object rigid body, and in the advanced panel lock the rot and loc of the object, so it wont move, as a static object, and i can check the collision… thank you everybody :smiley: