Collision Sensor: Ignore Certain Objects

Hi Blender Artists,

I have a problem where I want my character to jump once a ray sensor pointing at the -Z axis is activated. That works. However there is an object that is a ghost, and parented to the characters hand(armature), and that object is constantly colliding to the character. Blah Blah Blah, all I really need is someway to get the character to ignore collisions with objects that have a certain property. Can anyone help? :frowning: This problem is pretty frustrating.

Ray (propety-map) xray--------and---------set thing

You really should explain what you mean. Set the property you want it to look for and x-ray mode to on and it will pass through objects without that property. If you want it to do the opposite of that, you invert it.

set the players hands and rig both from static -> no collision. As CaptainAndrew said above^ your situation is very confusing, could you elaborate on what you mean? Right now it sorta sounds like a jetpack or something. If you could explain what effect your trying to recreate and provide a .blend, it will make helping you a lot easier :slight_smile:

If you want that the armature not collide with the character, set it to “no collision”, there is no reason for having it set to ghost(no collision and ghost are not the same) and for your original question, you can use mask and collision groups, or just set a property in the collision sensor then put this property to the objects that you want.