collision sensor messed up!

does the collision sensor work with 2.42 and if so, why wont it work for me.

I am making a fighting game with the base already made with partial Ai, player selection and stuff like that. I started it in 2.37 a few weeks ago then i changed to 2.42, because it was much faster with no lag at all. There are some stuff that got messed up during the change but i got some of them fixed over the week. The main problem now is that the collision does not detect.

I thought it was the way i set it up like; in the char selection screen you pick a player and there are two plane in the main scene that adds the player that you pick from a different layer but i tested to see if that is the problem but it wasnt.

could some one help me. please

Can you give us more detail, please? Maybe a .blend or some screenshots?

Are the collision objects static or dynamic?

For static objects, to detect anything you must enable actor, so that they will be evaluated by the engine and pick up on the collisions.

The objects are static, but actor is enabled and all the faces have collision and all that stuff.

2.37 was using sumo. From 2.42 and up sumo replaced by Bullet. You can switch back to sumo. There is a Panel to do that to the world’s Material tab.
Be carefull the Game Engine was broken in 2.42 be sure that you have 2.42a.

hey man, thanks for the help but i may have to stop this project because i just cant get the collision to respond. I switch from bullet to sumo, but it made the game run slow and it only worked somewhat, not the way its supposed to and it made to object go all aver the place when its not even dynamic. I am using 2.42a and the objects have actor activated. I dont know what to do since the game obviously need collision or if guys may know a way to bypass it, by all means tell me.

I would set up a simple model and test. Last time I checked, collision was working. There could be some kind of conflict. I’ve found I can’t use an always sensor with mouseover.

The thing is collision does work in 2.42, but just not in my game.

OK this is it i didnt want to do this but here is the .blend of the game for someone to figure out or this game is finished.

but remember this is only the base and the second character will probably not be in the final game(right not there are only two).

A, S, D, Z, C, Tab, Space, Arrows. not every thing function yet though.

is there a way to do collision with python.