Collision sensor problems (2.41)

I’ve been playing around a bit with the game engine, and I can’t seem to get the collision and touch sensors working anymore.

I have a plane with the property “Killer.” It’s a boolean set to true. Then I have a dynamic cube with a collision sensor looking for the property “Killer,” attatched to an AND controller connected to an Edit Object->End Object actuator.

When the cube drops to the floor it’s supposed to be destroyed, but it just bounces once or twice and sits there.

I added a boolean property to the cube called “Dead,” initiated to false. Then I altered the actuator to change the value of “Dead” to true. The debug information shows it as false during the entire session.

The plane is an actor with the bounding box “Static Triangle Mesh,” the cube is a dynamic actor with the bounding box type “Box,” and both objects have materials. I have also verified that all faces of both objects have collision enabled. Changing the collision type to material has no effect, either, and the touch sensor does the exact same thing as the collision sensor, which is absolutely nothing.

Has the sensor changed since 2.3x, and did I miss a step? The exact steps I printed here worked in the older versions, if I remember correctly.

I’ve noticed the same. I reduced the Problem to the PhysicsTicRate is set or not. Can You confirm this?
If so, i’ll put it into the BigTracker.

I can try to confirm it if you can tell me how to set the PysicsTicRate. After giving up on porting the game engine to D3D I quit worrying about the technicalities of the system and the only time I’ve ever messed with python was to make a “round” world (multiple copies of the terrain, one the game takes place on, and when you reach another terrain it will warp you back to the same feature of the main terrain), so the PhysicsTicRate is foreign to me.

The TicRates are the calculation Frequency of the Engine per Second for Physics and Logics. This has to be set manually by the User by running such a Script once: (I hope this Explanation is right! :D)

import GameLogic

But if You don’t have set the TicRates, Your Sensor should work. Hmm … You say it donsen’t, so it seems to be an other Problem.

I believe the bug is in the Bullet physics system. When I use Sumo it works.

Kind of disappointing, because with Sumo when a block lands it keeps sliding all over the place, unlike with Bullet.

But you can set sumo physics up so that the block does not slide all over the place by setting friction in the materials and by adjusting properties. I really think that instead of creating brand new physics engines, the originals should be focused on.

I have this Problem in Sumo! ??? When i use Bullet, nothing works.
I did a Report to the Bug Tracker. There is also a DemoFile, i’ve made, available. I would be surprised if it works for you.