Collision sensor - static

Hello. I have a questions.

I am trying to make an object to stop moving by getting into contact with another object. I used the collision sensor for static physics and added a property to one of the objects(a plane) and the sensor(collision) to the other(ship). The sensor(collision) is connected to an actuator(motion, X -0,20). The idea is every time the ship collides with the plane it stops, but the problem is that it doesn’t. Can someone help?

I added an attachment. Entity.blend (531 KB)

Collision between two “static” will not be evaluated. This is as you set it to static, the Physics engine assumes you do not want to move them.

In terms of Physics you do not move the object “default”. By setting “Loc:” you teleport the object. This is no that bad as it looks like you do not want to use the physics anyway.

To detect a collision with a static object, you can switch the object to physics type sensor. Make sure the object has the right scale (switch on Show Physics Visualization to see the effect).

Thank you. :slight_smile: