Collision to End

In BGE, whenever I create 2 objects, one with an always motion, and the other doing nothing. I make them both sensors and I shoot the motion one at the not moving one and if collision, end both objects. They will touch eachother but nothing happens…why?!

Are they dynamic?

Is cube “moving” using force or setLinearVelocity?

moving using move and not force etc. is not a physical move, so it will “ghost” through another object
Second, a static will not respond to a physics impulse (it does not even register)

Ok, so check out this .blend

Gravity is canceled out by

always ---------and----------motion 9.8*mass on Z

and object moves to smack the other with

Keypress Spacebar-------and----------motion Linear Velocity 10 on Y Local


TestSceneForDude.blend (426 KB)

Sensor objects can not be detected by collision sensors. They can only detect other non-sensor objects. You should make one of the objects static, dynamic, or ridgid body. You can also make it a ghost and it will still be detected by the sensor object.

@BluePrintRandom: Thanks! that was actually going to be my next question…
@Mobious: yep, thanks a lot…that’s solved my problem…now if I knew how to make this thread solved…

Edit the first post, then go advanced and I believe it’s called prefix?