Collision type Effector is barely having an effect despite maxed out substeps

Hi folks. I thought I’d try experimenting with the new fluid simulation implementation in Blender 2.90.1, but I’m having trouble with something very basic that nobody else seems to not be having trouble with. All I’m trying to do is squirt a small jet of water into an empty glass, but the glass seems to be unable to hold the water. The glass does appear to have a very minor effect on the water, but most of it just passes through it. I looked online for help and the advice seemed to tend toward increasing the sampling substeps, but when I did that, there was a small effect, but it was insufficient. I can’t remember exactly where I increased the substeps, but I increased it to about 4. Like I said, the effect only reduced the ease with which the waster passed through the glass, so I tried to increase the substeps further. I also noticed that there were substep settings for other objects (which is why I can’t remember where I first increased the setting). I increased the setting I had previously changed from 4 to 8 and then rebaked the sim, but it made the glass become just as incontinent as before. I guessed that all those other substep settings should probably be set to be the same, so I made everything be 8, rebaked, and still didn’t have any luck. So I decided to just go crazy with the settings and whack 'em all up much higher, but the values I tried I tried were higher than the maximum allowed, so I just set 'em at max, tried again, but it still didn’t improve anything. I’m guessing there’s some other setting I must have overlooked, but I don’t have a clue what that might be. I’ll try to give a brief texual outline of the settings in the file, for anyone who doesn’t want to download by actual (1.0 MB)

Domain Settings

As far as I could tell, the information I read said that the Resolution Subdivisions on the domain object were important for overall mesh quality and accuracy, but shouldn’t significantly effect the actual physics simulation, so I just boosted that to 126, but I did set both the maximum and minimum timesteps to 100.

Water Source (Named “Spout” in the Outliner)

Set to Flow > Liquid > Inflow
Use Flow and Is Planar are ticked, and Sampling Substeps set to 200.


Set to Effector > Collision, also with sampling substeps set to 200.

I should probably also note that the Glass model is a Cylinder with the top end taken off, and a solidify and subsurf modifier on it.

The modifiers are obviously used at render time, but I didn’t know if they were taken into account during the simulation, so I tried to bake the sim without the modier being applied, and then did another bake with the modifiers actually applied. The only significant difference I noticed was that the transparency at the rim of the glass was reduced, but the water still kept flowing through the side of the glass. Here’s my most recent render of the glass with the modifiers applied (the file I uploaded does not have them applied).

I made the water be colourful justbecause I got fed up with getting nowhere and just wanted something different to look at whist I was failing to do things the rights way. It looks like the glass is having a weak effect on the water, but it is still passing through it, even with the substeps settings being maxed out. Can anyone help me out with this please, because the bake times are agonisingly long, the glass is still incontinent, and it’s driving me up the wall.


Ill take a look

Hey I have taken a look and have fixed it so you can tweak settings until you get where you want to be. I would suggest changing values very carefully as your settings were super high and increasing values in the wrong places.