Collision using properties and materials

Hi, I’ve got another issue i need help with

I’m having trouble trying to get an object to catch fire using collision with the property for objects that can ignite it, I’ve tried everything i can think of and nothing its not working :spin:

I can get it to ignite when i use the 1 key on the keyboard (or any other), it just seems to not be detecting collisions based on properties or materials

thing i would like most is a tutorial or a working blend with instructions so i can see how it is done

Thank you in advance ^^

Here’s a quick demo, use D to move into cube and it will end object.
it looks for property cube
your problem may be not dynamic, actor or set bounds


coll.blend (130 KB)

Here’s the material
D for the bottom “BLUE”
RIGHT for the “RED”

ends object with “RED”


collmat.blend (135 KB)

K I’ll check them out when i get home thanks ^^

Found out the issue was it wasn’t detecting the collision using an empty so i made an invisible cube above both the torch and the thing to be ignited and it works Thanks ^^

Only issue now is i need a property to count down over time so it burns out and have to relight it (also so when ever I touch the fire it resets it back to full the amount of burn time)

I get it to change the value by 1 but only once and it just stays the same afterwords

ill upload another blend, yeah empties dont collide

Fixed it, just added a delay sensor put it on repeat and edited the delay to my needs

Thanks for your help though ^^

Got it! it is self explanitory, ill explain if neccessary
timer image :slight_smile:


collisiontimerreplace.blend (185 KB)

I already got it :P, though that should be great for anyone else who comes by ^^