collision well animated

Im having trouble with something basically i have a object simply animated to loop going up and down but i have a object above it that i want to ubstruct the animated object

Perhaps you could use a ray sensor above the moving platform (I’m guessing) to check to see if there’s an obstruction above it, and if so, stop the animation. If there’s no logic brick to stop an animation, then make it so that the animation will only play if the ray doesn’t hit anything.

ya i tryed something like this that only allowed it to play the animation if it was not touching the obstructing object but it still wiggled its way threw it. so ill try this thanks.

So i tried this but i ran into the same problems as before here is a screenshot of the logic i have on the animated platform.

Sorry the ray has the false button turned on and nothing happens the animation doesn’t play i tried doing the true on and invert and the animation plays but it doesn’t recognize that there is something there. in this case the cube with the property cube.

I tried it out and your set up didn’t work for me either. I parented a cube to the lift, with a sensor physics type, and put the collision sensor on it instead. Then it worked for me.

ya well i got it working by instead of doing an action if just does a simple motion with a delay telling to go to state2 where it goes down then with a delay telling it to go back to state 1 where it goes up again. its kinda like fixing a wind shield with duck tape but it works. :slight_smile:

Simple but effective:)