Collision With Character

Ok I attached what I’ve struggled to make so far. The movement cycle isn’t perfect, but it’s fine for now. What I needed some help on, Is how do I make him collide with the floor, walls etc. without him freaking out.


DUDE.blend (570 KB)

Click “Edit”, then “Go Advanced” to be able to change the thread title. Your attachment is not showing up. Try adding it to your post again (also in the “Edit >> Go Advanced” section).

If your .blend is slightly larger than what the forum will allow you to attach, use the “File >> Compress File” option in Blender, then save the file again. It should then be smaller. If it’s still too large, you’ll need to use an external file hosting service.

Fixed it all, thank you. Now people can see what’s wrong with my guy, haha.