Collision with metaballs

Hey everyone

I’m doing a particle simulation.
And I got a few problems that I hope you can help me with)

I’ve got an emitter with metaballs as particles and a sphere around it which works as a collision(it has collision modifier).
In a viewport it works almost perfect. But when I’m trying to render animation - the collision doesn’t work. Metaballs are just passing through the sphere.

I also want to make the interaction better so there wouldn’t be any overlapping whatsoever but there’s no options in collision modifier that could help.

Actually, I feel that I’m doing something horribly wrong)) But I haven’t found any other way.

By default, for 3D Viewport, metaballs have a different resolution than when they are rendered. That is maybe what is problematic and can explain observed difference.
If you are OK with what is displayed in 3D VIew, you should check that metaball resolution is the same for render.

In particle system tab, you have to enable Size Deflect option.
At that moment, distance between center of a particle and collider becomes half of particle size/scale.

You need to bake particle system at that size.
Then, when particles trajectories are cached, you can use another size for particles render (a smaller scale).

Another tip consists in making a bigger collider just used for simulation but that is invisible at render.

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Thank you!
works great)
I was actually looking for baking option but forgot that it was in a cache tab > <