Collision with object parented to bone

I’m trying to detect collision with a square that moves around when you move its bone that it is attached to but it doesn’t seem to work. Is physics disabled for an object when you parent it to an armature? Is there a work around for this? It kind of forms the basis for a game I’m trying to work on.

i am not sure, but i think amatures are not updated in bge/bullet

I’m surprised I can’t even get it’s position. Man you can’t do anything with bones in this engine…

You’re using a bone to move a plane?

No, I have a chain of bones that is part of a character armature. I have a little cube attached ant the tip that acts as a sensor. I want to have it so that when I click an area of the screen, the chain shoots out to that target and keeps stretching until the cube collides with the target. That will stop the ipo playing. I solved how to do the rotation, but now I need to figure out how to get it to stretch to the target.

i would attach it to a vertic with a phyton script (look in the game engine for i think vertex proxy) to get the positon of a vertex, where you can attach a … whatever

I tried that. It just returns 0. Plus it only returns the vertex coords in local space, not the world space. But thanks anyway.