Collision with objects from another layer.

Hi All.
I have made a bush which animates when my character walks into it. The fronds have IPO’s on them and they are each set to ACTOR/GHOST. It works great. Now, what I’ve done is put the ferns on another layer and spawned them in several locations (emptys) on my map. Now when my character hits them, they knock my character and he pings off. Something about the status of the leaves changes and I don’t know what it is.



I may be wrong about this, but things with IPO’s and bounds that are set will collide the actors if it added from another layer…

Try this…
Put the bush in UV mode, (press F)
press A afew times until everything is selected.
press W, and from the menu select CLEAR collision.
Look in the physics panel, make sure ghost is ticked, and there are absolutely no bounds set.

If it still collides your bush, try using an Armature for your animations.

Yeah, i tried that and my character walks striaght through it all.
My problem stems from another post where I can’t just clone the bushes in the main layer because the IPO keys snap them all back to the same location as the original bush so I need to spawn them but now this hurdle. Would armatures for the fronds ( and there are 5 per bush) kill the game given I want about 10 instances of the bush?


I doubt you’d suffer much from using 10 armatures. plus, if that allows you to join objects (I’m assuming you’re currently using an object for each frond, to allow each to have it’s own IPO?) then your object count goes down, and that’s good. the only performance problem I’ve seen armatures cause is when IKs are used (and for some reason, just two 2-bone IK chains can knock me down from around 200 to about 2 fps- enough 2s?)

One thing you can do is not spawn them, but keep them below the ground/floor plane out of site, until you need them, then just dloc them up into position.

You can also make them invisible until you need them then make them visible.

No spawning, fast work around… could work.

I might be barking up the wrong tree but in past versions of Blender if you spawned collision objects from another layer then these objects would have no collision.

Maybe this related?

Yeah, i tried that and my character walks straight through it all.

Yea i use Rays rather than collision sometimes. Seems like it sucks less CPU power, but you have to be right at the very center of the object for it to work.

If you are spawning objects with armatures form another layer , it is adding instances, so it only really counts as 1 armature… The poly count is where you start getting performance problems.

another thing I have done in th past is use an invisible plane in the middle of the mesh, and have the plane as the only thing that collides in the mesh. Sometimes it works better if it is at the very bottom of the object you want to collide.(so the player bumps up only a little bit,and gets on top of the plane… still better than getting stopped , or flung)

I put a cube near the plant and made it the collider which sent a message to the plant leaf to run an IPO but have not been able to get it to work as yet. Probably just me again but still it seemed more difficult than most other things I have done for some reason.


hey dont give up yet, I was just guessing…

do you have 2.45? its supposed to be fixed. There was a collision challenge, only the first one worked, then if it was deleted the second would start working.

But in the newest version they should work…I read that in another thread, but havent tried it.

yeah, I have 2.45 and no dice as far as I can see